Why many still pledge allegiance to the mother of a suspected paedophile!

IMAGINE this scenario.

A very ordinary man, approaching his sixties, living on a typical English council estate is being very publicly accused of paedophilia. No charges, so no certainty of guilt, but the word is out there and it’s spreading like wildfire.

His mother, who has been protesting his innocence for years, walks out onto the street.

Verbal abuse, criminal damage, even physical violence could easily follow – and I don’t condone any of it.

But we can be sure that some people living in the neighbourhood would seek their own means of retribution. That’s the world we live in….

A paedophile in prison is unofficially regarded as a free target for fellow prisoners. Officers may deny that they turn a blind eye, but we’re not stupid.

Now, let’s consider what has been happening in Britain in the last few weeks.

Allegations have been mounting almost daily against 59-year-old Prince Andrew. If he did have sexual intercourse with the then Virginia Roberts when she was 17 that is a case of paedophilia due to American law under which she was still a minor.

We know that for almost a decade Buckingham Palace, speaking on behalf of The Queen, have been denying any guilt on Andrew’s part.

We also have allegations, courtesy of an off-mic moment from ABC News, that Buckingham Palace has been throwing its weight around to prevent the broadcast of a more in-depth report which would involve Andrew.

The gist of it was – broadcast this and you won’t be getting access to other Royals for interviews when you request them.

So how does the British public react to the mother of a suspected paedophile?

In her exalted case, it is business as usual – they idolise her!

The vast majority of 80,000 football fans at Wembley burst out into spontaneous singing of the National Anthem imploring God to support The Queen. She is described as ‘gracious’, ‘noble’ and ‘victorious’.

Now I’m not suggesting for one moment that many such people who sing the anthem think too deeply about the words. It is something done almost as a reflex in Britain, like getting up in the morning.

But it’s done so fervently that anyone daring not to join in is treated with great disdain.

Had an English football been seen not singing the anthem before the game, we’d still be hearing about it now!

This is akin to everyone on the council estate being abused not for targeting the suspected paedophile’s mother but for not supporting her effusively enough. Incredible when you think about it.

But this isn’t merely a story of one woman and her son.

The Royal Family is surrounded by allegations of paedophilia. Andrew may well not be the only son to be involved when you consider Charles’ association with Jeffrey Epstein’s British equivalent over four long decades.

Only in the last few weeks FBI files have revealed that another very prominent former Royal Lord Mountbatten has regarded by them as a paedophile.

Add the fact that this is the richest family in the land and lords it over us in every aspect of our lives and how do you think that would go down on the council estate?

Source: https://www.davidicke.com/article/559321/many-still-pledge-allegiance-mother-suspected-paedophile

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